Virus Alert From China-Made Photo Frames

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Mocmex, a hidden Trojan Horse in picture frames made in China, can sneak around antivirus protections from more than 100 software vendors, as well as the security and firewall built into Microsoft Windows. Mocmex spreads by hiding itself in photo frames; and downloaded from remote servers, hid somewhere in your hard driver and hard to be removed.



Yahoo! Insider – Microsoft Raise The Bid To 50B

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In a letter to his shareholders, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang rejected Microsoft’s initial acquisition bid… stated that Microsoft’s Feb. 1, $44.6 billion unsolicited takeover offer was too low. A leak from Yahoo! Insider, Microsoft is going to raise the bid to 50B in two weeks.

Is Lenovo MID An iPhone Competitor?

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Equipped with Intel new low-power Silverthorn processor, Lenovo Mobile Internet Device (MID) is one of hot tech toys at this year’s CES. Like Apple’s iPhone, this device integrates net and entertainment in one. See photo gallery

Home Networking Via Cable Modem & Linksys Wireless Router

February 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Tech | Leave a comment

A little detail usually is going to drive you crazy… Recently just switched my ISP provider from Verizon DSL to Optimum Online, and connected my Linksys Wireless Router WRK54G to Cable Modem. I forgot that router still has Verizon DSL setting which has PPPoE connection; but Optimum requires “Automatic Configuration – DHCP”. No wonder none of my LAN PCs can connect to Web…

After Googling Linksys Tech Support page, you can either reset the router to its default by pressing the reset button on the back of you router for 15 seconds or following these steps to configure manually.

Don’t forget to perform the power cycle of devices – PC, Modem and Router if there is still has no connection. Just a little detail…. 🙂

Verizon DSL Termination

January 26, 2008 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Tech | Leave a comment

I wrote on Sept ’07 that I have a problem with Verizon DSL connection and its tech support team. I finally made up my mind to cancel this service and go for Optimum Online. I called up to cancel on Nov. 24 when I experienced the same connection problem and waited for a few hours to get it back up; Verizon is so “generous” that gave me two more days… fifteen minutes before I wrote this blog and the connection got terminated.


I have to use my next door’s wireless connection to finish this… Sorrrry for “stealing” the signal.

Solid State Disk – A Conventional Hard Disk Drive

October 26, 2007 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Tech | Leave a comment

Want a SSD for your MacBook Air and your notebook computers? You have to pay the price… SSD may be a replacement for HDD in the future but it’s costly now. Its additional $900 – $1000 adder if you would like to have a SSD in your system instead of “traditional” HDDs.

HDDs store data on its spinning platters and the parts are vulnerable to shock and vibrations; on the other hand, SSDs is more robotic and run more faster then HDDs because they don’t have moving parts. The picture on the left is tradition HDD and SSD on the right. Hey, you want something more advance, of course it gets to hurt you 😉


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