Solid State Disk – A Conventional Hard Disk Drive

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Want a SSD for your MacBook Air and your notebook computers? You have to pay the price… SSD may be a replacement for HDD in the future but it’s costly now. Its additional $900 – $1000 adder if you would like to have a SSD in your system instead of “traditional” HDDs.

HDDs store data on its spinning platters and the parts are vulnerable to shock and vibrations; on the other hand, SSDs is more robotic and run more faster then HDDs because they don’t have moving parts. The picture on the left is tradition HDD and SSD on the right. Hey, you want something more advance, of course it gets to hurt you 😉



Five Elements – In Chinese Traditional Philosophy

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The doctrine of five elements describes two Cycles of Balance, a generating or creation (生, shēng) cycle and an overcoming or destruction (克, ) cycle of interactions between the phases.


  • Wood feeds Fire;
  • Fire creates Earth (ash);
  • Earth bears Metal;
  • Metal collects Water and
  • Water nourishes Wood.


  • wood parts earth;
  • earth absorbs water;
  • water quenches fire;
  • fire melts metal and
  • metal chops wood


Mac OS X Leopard Count Down – 8 Days 19 Hours

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With a few days away from launching Mac Leopard desktop OS, many Mac users can’t wait to get the first hand-on on this super-hyped release of OS. With 300 plus new features such as Time Machine, Spaces, Quick Look etc., Leopard make Windows Vista, which is pending SP1, like second-class citizen. Leopard, Vista along with forthcoming Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon, which is scheduled to release on Oct. 18, it seems there are OS wars going on in year 2007.

The Green Pioneer – Al Gore On Apple’s Home Page

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From former presidential loser to Nobel Peace Laureate, Al Gore became a green icon on global stage. From his documentary movie – An Inconvenient Truth to Melisa Ethridge’s I Need to Wake Up, the global warming finally wake us up. Starting today, you can become a member of Al’s Green Party by doing the following 5 things in your daily life.


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