Netscape Navigator’s Final Moments

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Netscape Navigator, once a dominant Web browser in early 90s, is in its final moments of silent. There will be no more official support for Netscape client products on March, 1, 2008. During the browser war, Navigator lost its battleground to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in early 2006; but then its “cousin”, Firefox, becomes a main competitor to IE. Still now, the number of Firefox users are increasing dramatically…


China Mobile Walks Away From iPhone Deal

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The negotiation between Apple and Chinese biggest mobile-phone company broke down… People in China pay almost $200 extra for the same models that sold in US and iPhone is one of the most popular gadgets in China. Both parties make money… and why this deal fell apart????


Vista’s Disk Defragmenter

February 18, 2008 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Windows | 2 Comments

Don’t know whether Vista’s Disk Defragmenter is really working in the background…If it does, reaaaally slow. The interface for this new defrag tool is very simple, but you’re unable to determine the progress and estimated time while it’s running defrag. Kind of miss defragger in XP…



Remote Control Your Mac Using UltraVNC in Windows

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Access your Mac is easier for OS X Tiger since it has built-in Apple Remote Desktop; however, you need to check LAN setting in VNC client otherwise the screen will hang, “Please wait, initial screen loading….”


The following is my step-by-step installations….:

1. In Mac, under System Preferences, click Sharing and enable Apple Remote Desktop.


2. Enable Apple Remote Desktop in Firewall


3. Check users who are allowed to access to your Mac, and create a password for screen login.


4. In UltraVNC Client in Windows, check LAN option in stead of Auto.


5. Enter the password that you created in Step 3.


Other Source: How to use your Mac everywhere

Windows Vista’s Green Ribbon Of Death

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Does the above look familiar to you – Windows Blue Screen of Death… Now it’s Vista’s turn. The Green ribbon (see below) actually is a progress bar of Windows Explorer in Vista. Happened to me once when I tried to copy a couple of my old movies from one USB drive to another USB drive. The entire system hanged and neither keypad nor mouse was working. I finally had to manually shut down the computer and reboot. Check here to see how to prevent this disastrous screen…


Virus Alert From China-Made Photo Frames

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Mocmex, a hidden Trojan Horse in picture frames made in China, can sneak around antivirus protections from more than 100 software vendors, as well as the security and firewall built into Microsoft Windows. Mocmex spreads by hiding itself in photo frames; and downloaded from remote servers, hid somewhere in your hard driver and hard to be removed.


Yahoo! Insider – Microsoft Raise The Bid To 50B

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In a letter to his shareholders, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang rejected Microsoft’s initial acquisition bid… stated that Microsoft’s Feb. 1, $44.6 billion unsolicited takeover offer was too low. A leak from Yahoo! Insider, Microsoft is going to raise the bid to 50B in two weeks.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Plenty of loves,
Tons of kisses,
Starting this moment,
Be your Valentine.
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