Export Emails From Outlook and Thunderbird To Apple Mail

November 8, 2007 at 5:38 pm | Posted in Apple | Leave a comment

Got my first Mac years ago, here is my technote to export all my emails from Windows to Apple Mail…

  • On the PC, install Mozilla Thurderbird (skid this if your computer already has Thunderbird mail)
  • In Mozilla Thurderbird, select Tools, Import, and then select the Mail radio button. Select Outlook from the next dialog box and your Outlook email will be imported (email will remain within the correct folders).
  • Go to Documents and Settings, under your Local Profiles folder somewhere. Chose Outlook folder and Thurderbird mail folder. Rename both inbox files to inbox.mbox.
  • Copy the .mbox files to the desktop of your Mac (using a network is easier, although burning them on to a CD will work too). For easier management, add them to a desktop folder called ‘Imported mail’ or something similar. Files with a .mbox extension will be shown with a mailbox icon.
  • On the Mac, drag each .mbox icon (i.e. each folder you used in Outlook) from the desktop to Entourage (if you don’t have Entouage, install from Microsoft Office for Mac) or its icon in the Dock, and click Import on the dialog box that appears.
  • Repeat step 5 for each .mbox file you want to import into Entourage.
  • Then open Mail, choose import from Entourage. You’re allset!

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